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CNC aluminum products processing company Accuracy of plus or minus 0. 03mm

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-03
Half a month ago, Mr Tsang meizhou is based on the network search 'CNC aluminum products processing company' given for yuan, after a series of communication, quickly reached cooperation relationship with each other. Mr: find that before many CNC aluminum products processing companies cooperation, but the precision of the aluminum products can not meet the use of more serious damage to the product quality, customer feedback. Mr Tsang helpless only replace the cooperation of manufacturers. After listening to a friend proposed try to look for on the Internet, this also didn't find the yuan. Shenzhen yuan gift is one of the nine years CNC aluminum products processing company, the production workshop production line equipment 55, the precision of the aluminum products can achieve + 0. 3 mm, technical master more than 60, about 8 years work experience, very good solution to many of the customer's requirements. Therefore, yuan has the quality to ensure that the manufacturer, if you need aluminium product customization did quickly advisory!
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