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CNC - aluminum processing Very good solve the customer's requirements

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-02
Two weeks ago, Mr Tsang meizhou is based on the network search CNC aluminum processing gives to the yuan, through a series of communication, quickly reached cooperation relationship with each other. Mr Showed that there were many domestic manufacturers to find before cooperation, but the precision of the CNC aluminum processing could not reach the requirements of use, serious damage to the product quality, customer feedback. Mr Tsang was helpless only replace aluminum processing manufacturers. After listening to a friend's proposal to try to find manufacturers on the Internet, this also to find yuan. Shenzhen yuan gives is 9 years CNC aluminum processing manufacturers, production workshop processing equipment has 55 machines, aluminum precision can reach + 0. Master 3 mm, the production of more than 60, the relevant working experience in all 6 years or so, can very good to solve the needs of many customers. Therefore, yuan has the quality to ensure equipment manufacturers, you need to aluminum processing did quickly advice!
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