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CNC - aluminum plant Source manufacturer

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-21
Everyone know, the company developed many products you need to use to aluminum parts. If there is the requirement of product research and development, it is necessary to use aluminum parts, so choose a reliable CNC aluminum processing plant is critical. Not long ago, a Mr Tsang from Yu Qingyuan due to price problem, choose to cooperate with small manufacturer. As a result, the customization product quality is not very good, endangering the progress of the product, greatly increasing the time and cost, also improve the risk not to complete customer orders on time release. Mr Looking for manufacturer to solve the problem of after sales, as a result, the other party don't admit that is product quality problem, Mr Scanning, the CNC aluminum processing plant is actually the original dealer! Therefore according to the Internet to find the Mr Yuan gives the CNC aluminum processing plant, it has nearly 5000 square meters production workshop, 55 sets of processing equipment, more than 60 MingShiFu has 6 years of working experience. He felt yuan gives the source must be a manufacturer, but simple and easy communication later reached a cooperation with yuan bestows, immediately off the list. Yuan, after the receipt of the order distribution master production workshop to work overtime, completed within the time promised delivery of the goods. A few days later, Mr Tsang praise given yuan products are of good quality, a good many than before, is a reliable manufacturer.
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