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by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-21
As we all know, aluminum alloy parts has become a common part of the industry, no matter what kind of products all need aluminum alloy parts, but there are some CNC aluminium alloy processing factory said can satisfy a certain accuracy requirement, but in fact far cannot meet the requirements, due to production delay, cost increase. Some time ago, Mr. Fang company has an aluminum alloy parts need to customize, but looking for CNC aluminium given to yuan precision CNC technology aluminum alloy processing factories, yuan given precision technology Ye Gong introducing several given precision science and technology strength, Mr. Fang with satisfaction the aluminum alloy parts to yuan given precision machining technology, production after the completion of the aluminum alloy parts, under the sincere invitation of Ye Gong, personally came to yuan precision technology field on-the-spot investigation. After see the strength of the yuan has given precision technology, Mr Liu in shenzhen to make high-precision aluminum alloy parts of CNC machining aluminum manufacturer rarely surprised. Yuan has given precision technology focus on high precision products for 9 years, complete processing equipment, materials and technology, welcome your consultation!
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