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Changes brought about by the precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-01
More along with the rapid development of modern science and technology in China, and increasingly sophisticated machinery products, precision parts processing precision is very high, shape more complex. The precision machining has brought about changes? Here are built by feng hardware small make up me introduce you to four. 1. Precision machining it greatly improves the machinability of materials. The machinability of no longer instead of ductile and brittle workpiece materials, such as hardness, strength, has a direct relationship. Now use edm, electrolysis, laser and other methods to manufacture cutting tools, tools, wire drawing die, etc. Than the original diamond and carbide, hardened steel, quartz, glass, ceramic, etc. They are difficult to machining, electric spark, line cutting processing than for hardened steel not harden steel seems to be much more easily. 2. Precision machining typical process route of changed parts. In the traditional processing, in addition to the grinding, other cutting, shaping, etc must be arranged before quenching heat treatment process, this is not in violation of the rule of process. After the emergence of precision and special processing technology, in order to exempt from processing and then cause the quenching heat treatment deformation, are generally first quenching treatment and processing. Such as electrochemical machining, electric spark linear cutting processing must be first again after quenching treatment processing. 3. Precision machining greatly shorten new product development cycle. Generally in the development of new products, the precision and special processing technology can be directly processed from a variety of special and complicated quadric surface parts, could save design and manufacture of the corresponding cutting tool, jig, measuring tools, molds and tools, greatly shorten the development cycle of new products, to improve the machining of our progress. Precision parts processing. 4. The structure design of precision machining parts of product produce very big effect. Yamagata silicon steel sheet, such as die, with the usual use of insert or composite structure by edm, wire-cutting processing technology, now even the carbide mold or tool, also can be made into integral structure.
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