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Canton fair extension, CNC machining parts not postponed

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-06
Domestic basic blocking the outbreak, but the epidemic is spreading abroad, we have many CNC parts processing of foreign trade business has been affected, many foreign customers are busy resistance to disease, business aside. Recently, the guangdong province news conference, the 127th Canton fair postponed, do a lot of foreign friend was mixed. Foreign trade is not good, especially in 2020, ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory of foreign trade salesman have empathy. The world economy was slowing, there is no thought of adding a new outbreak of crown, make a lot of CNC parts processing customers don't have the purchasing requisition, was going to attend the Canton fair this year, plans to make adjustments. For factory attaches great importance to foreign trade, it attaches great importance to Canton fair this platform, many foreign customers will use this platform to meet suppliers in China. In fact, this year's Canton fair extension, precision machinery parts processing factory in ningbo, a lot of early expected, announced the news, just boots to the ground. Service extension in the Canton fair, but we will not delay, machinery parts processing of foreign trade business development goes on. Canton fair platform, no other online platform can be used up, though not the market environment, we can only redouble our efforts, to search for the needs of customers, period, we should believe that the harder, more fortunate.
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