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Briefly describes the shenzhen precision parts processing machinery production type and principle of route

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-05
More of a mechanical precision parts processing, shenzhen introduction: mechanical processing is to point to by a mechanical device to change the shape of workpiece size or performance. Its meaning has many kinds of understanding: generalized refers to all can use mechanical means the process of manufacturing products; In narrow sense refers to using lathe ( 车床机) , milling machine, 铣床) , drilling machine, 钻孔机) , grinder, 磨床) Special mechanical equipment such as, punching machine, die-casting machine make a part of recruiting process. Generally at room temperature not artifacts caused by chemical or physical change of cold working processing, said. Likewise, higher or lower sea state under normal temperature and can cause artifacts of chemical processing or phase change, says hot working. Cold working according to the differences in processing methods can be divided into cutting machining and pressure. Hot working common heat treatment, forging, casting and welding. Single production: a single production of different structure and different sizes of products, and rarely repeated. Mass production: the batch to create the same product of the year, the manufacturing process has a certain repeatability. Mass production: production quantity is very big, most of the work place is often repeated a certain parts of a process with a certain processing. Three, shenzhen precision parts processing machinery - — Technology principles: 1, first datum processing: parts in the process of machining, surface should be machined out first as the positioning reference, as soon as possible in order to provide fine benchmark for the machining of the subsequent handling. Known as the 'benchmark'. 2, division processing stages: high quality demand of machining surface, are divided into processing stage, generally can be divided into roughing and semi-finishing and finishing three stages. Mainly in order to ensure the quality of processing; Is conducive to the rational use of equipment; Easy to arrange heat treatment process; And facilitate the blank defects, etc. 3, after the first plane hole: for housing, support and connecting rod parts should be flat after machining holes. So you can by plane positioning hole processing, ensure the accuracy of the plane and hole location, and the porosity of the plane processing bring convenience. 4, finishing processing: the surface finishing processing ( Such as grinding, honing, finishing rolling processing, etc. ) , and process route could be generated and should be put in final stage, the processed surface finish Ra0. More than 8 um, slight collision will damage the surface, in countries such as Japan, Germany, after finishing processing, with a flannelette, absolutely no direct contact with the workpiece by hand or other objects, in order to avoid surface finishing processing, due to the transportation and installation between the process and damage.
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