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Basic knowledge of the novices, the operation of CNC machining parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-21
More focused on machining center operation panel on the function of each button, make the students master the preparing work before the adjustment of the machining center and machining and program input and modification methods. Finally, a specific parts as an example, explained the basic operation process of machining center processing parts, make the student to the operation of the machining center has a clear understanding. A processing, processing requirements as shown in the figure below parts. Parts material for LY12, single production. Parts blank has been processed to size. Selection of equipment: V - 80 machining center two, preparation work before finish related preparatory work, including process analysis and process route design, selection of cutting tool and jig, programming, etc. Third, operating steps and content of 1, boot, the axes manually back to the origin of the machine tool, cutting tool 2 to choose Φ 20 vertical milling cutter according to processing requirements, Φ 5 center drill, Φ 8 each a twist drill, and then use the clamping collet chuck handle Φ 20 vertical milling cutter, the cutting tool set to T01, using drill chuck handle the clamping Φ twist drill, 5 center drill, Φ 8 tool set as T02, T03, install the knife tool edge finder on the collet chuck handle, tool set as T04. 3, will have good clamping tool shank use manually into the knife library, namely, 1) Input 'T01 M06', the implementation of 2) Manual will T01 mount tool spindle (3) According to the above steps in turn T02, T03, T04 into the knife library 4, clean bench, install fixture and artifacts will be flat in a clean mouth vice is clean bench, through the dial indicator alignment, leveling, vice, and the workpiece is vice. 5, to the sword, and enter the workpiece coordinate system parameters (1) With the edge of knife, determine the zero bias of the X, Y, X, Y to zero bias input into the workpiece coordinate system G54, G54 Z to zero bias in the lose of 0; 2) To set the Z axis is placed on the table surface of the workpiece, the no. 1 tool of knife library, in an installed on the main shaft, use this tool to make work coordinate system Z value to zero, Z to zero deflection value input to the corresponding machine tool length compensation in the code, '+', '- 'By G43, G44 in program to determine the number, such as length compensation in the program instruction for G43, input' - 'Z to zero deflection value corresponding to the machine tool length compensation in the code; 3) In the same step no. 2 and no. 3 knives Z to zero deflection value input to the corresponding machine tool length compensation in the code. 6, input processing program will be computer generated a good processing by hooking into the memory of machine tool numerical control system. 7, the debugging process adopts the workpiece coordinate system along the + Z direction translation tool operation method for debugging. 1) Debug the main program, check to see if the 3 knife according to the process design completed action in the edge of the sword; 2) Debugging and 3 respectively corresponding to 3 subroutine, the cutting tool inspection tool movement and the machining path is correct. After 8, automatic processing program is verified, the Z value of the workpiece coordinate system restore original value, will be fast moving rate switch, cutting feed rate to low-grade, press nc startup key to run the program, began to processing. Observed in the manufacturing process of tool path and the remaining mobile distance. 9, remove the artifacts, test select vernier caliper to size detection, after the test quality analysis. 10, clean processing field 11, to turn it off
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