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Basic knowledge of the coating production of spare parts

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-04
Basic knowledge, coating of parsing the coating production of spare parts production parts & ndash; — Coating production line process: seven major component of coating production line mainly includes: pretreatment equipment, powder injection system, spray paint equipment, oven, heat source system, electric control system, hanging conveyor chain, etc. Pretreatment equipment spray type multi-location pretreatment unit is commonly used surface treatment equipment, the principle is to use mechanical erosion speed up chemical reaction to complete the degreasing, phosphating, washing process, etc. Spraying pretreatment of typical steel process is: degreasing, degreasing, washing, washing, table, phosphating, washing, washing, water washing. Pretreatment can use shot blasting cleaning machine, also apply to simple structure, severe corrosion, no oil or less steel. And no water pollution. Powder spraying, powder spraying system in the small whirlwind + cartridge recycling equipment is advanced, change color faster powder recovery unit. Powder spraying system is a key part of the proposal chooses import products, powder spraying room, electric machinery, elevators, etc. All parts localization. Paint spraying equipment such as oil spray type spray paint room, water screen type spray paint room, widely used in bicycles, auto leaf spring, the surface coating of large loader. Oven oven is one of the important equipment of coating production line, its temperature uniformity is an important index to ensure the quality of coating. , hot air circulation oven heating mode: radiation and radiation + hot air circulation, etc. , according to the production platform can be divided into single rooms and through type, etc. , have straight-through and bridge equipment form. Hot air circulation oven heat preservation is good, furnace temperature uniformity, less heat loss, after the test, the furnace temperature is less than & plusmn; 3 oc, the performance of similar products reach the advanced countries. Heat source system widely used on the hot air circulation heating mode, which USES convection conduction principle to heating oven, workpiece drying and curing. Heat source according to the specific circumstances of the user choice: electricity, steam, gas, or oil, etc. Heat source box according to the situation of the oven: at the top, bottom and side. Production of heat circulation fan, a special high temperature resistant fan, has long service life, low energy consumption, low noise, small size, etc. Electric control system of coating, coating production line electrical control has concentrated and single control. Centralized control using programmable controller ( PLC) To control host, according to the control procedure for each working procedure of automatic control, data acquisition and monitoring alarm. Single control control mode is commonly used in the coating production lines, each process single control, electric cabinet, Ark) Set up near the equipment, low cost, intuitive operation, convenient maintenance. Suspension conveyor chain suspension conveyor conveying system is industrial production line, coating line, product put type suspension conveyor used in L = 10 - 14 m storage shelves and street light alloy steel pipe coating line. Workpiece lifting in the special hang ( 500 - bearing 600公斤) , smooth in and out of the switch, the switch according to the work instructions shall be conducted by the electrical control opening and closing, satisfy the workpiece location in the processing of automatic transmission, within the areas under the strong cold chamber, a parallel product cooling, and in cold region set hanging fixture identification and traction alarm device. Second, the coating production of spare parts & ndash; — Parts: the definition of spare parts, machinery and machine not to split a single product, manufacturing process in general, it does not need to be assembly process. Such as bushings, bearings, nut, crankshaft, blades, gears, CAM, connecting rod, connecting rod, the first class. Spare parts is the basic unit in the process of mechanical manufacturing. Some parts of electrical appliances, and radio industry ( Such as resistors, capacitors, etc. ) And watch some of industrial spare parts ( Such as balance spring, spring, etc. ) Called & other; Components & throughout; 。 Given yuan is a commitment to the development of coating equipment and related equipment, manufacturing equipment and accessories manufacturing of high-tech enterprises, mainly engaged in coating production of spare parts, precision parts processing, and batch processing, tel: 0086 - 574 - 55224980!
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