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Basic education, precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-07
Precision parts processing industry is the foundation of the manufacturing industry, and education is the basis of all walks of life. Laborer to create wealth, education for the society to provide high-quality laborers, is the foundation of the foundation. The rise of the CNC parts processing industry, cannot leave the massive high quality workers from countryside to city. Today, many ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises to southeast Asian countries set up a production line, also benefited from the local worker mass from countryside to city, history always striking similarities. A person, the fate of a factory, in addition to self struggle, combine the history of the trip. At the beginning, the foreign capital to invest in mainland China precision parts processing factory, need a lot of skilled Labour. And at the same time, the mass of elementary education worker go to cities to find jobs, accurate step in the history of the reform and opening up. Excel in, they also began to independent plant, countries began to popularize nine-year compulsory education, provide a higher quality of labourers for the society. Today, many ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises to southeast Asian countries, it is the necessity of the international industrial transfer. But, for the choice of local investment environment, must consider the local education situation, whether can provide a large number of qualified workers, this is a place where a prerequisite for the development of precision parts processing industry. If the CNC parts processing production line are established, but could not find a large number of qualified workers, the investment is likely to be abandoned. In terms of level of education of ordinary workers, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, on average, than in China. If in these countries run parts processing production line, are more likely to find skilled workers, but local work hours significantly lower than China, are often less than 8 hours. From the point of working hours, Cambodia, myanmar only average working time more than eight hours a day, which for CNC parts processing enterprises rely on the Numbers, I'm afraid not.
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