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Back-to-school thermometer, precision parts processing single

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-01
51, many employees are just care about the arrangement of the holiday, many parents only care about the child to go to school in the day of our precision parts processing enterprises also only care about the order of production, especially for school need thermometer, supply capacity has reached, but the local education department also says we are in short supply. As thermometer needs in primary and secondary schools around the massive popular, ningbo precision machinery processing industry has never anticipate outbreaks will bring such business opportunities. If a while ago medical instrument precision parts processing orders is expected, this time the thermometer orders is really unexpected, now is the production capacity can't keep up. The days of school is more and more close, thermometer and big market gap, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer as long as have the ability to receive, don't worry about the customer. Strange strange, this time is customer ask our precision parts processing factory cooperation, for fear that their orders dropped, affected their school arrangement. But are accustomed to do small batch precision parts processing service providers, deal with several primary schools in the home purchase demand is not a problem. Ningbo precision machining experts pointed out that the thermometer now purchasing are centralized purchasing joint local education departments around the school, the general factory capacity with this you can't handle it, work overtime to keep supply also with difficulty.
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