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Aviation precision parts processing, to witness the long March 5

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-05
In recent days, the most exciting news, precision parts processing industry is the long March 5 rocket in hainan wenchang B first flight successfully. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, this will be officially opened China's manned space engineering 'step 3' task, for CNC parts processing services in the field of aerospace is absolutely good. However, in the field of aerospace precision parts processing services, is a lot of suppliers can only look up at the service, ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer can't get their hands on. However, such exciting news, it is worth every CNC parts processing industry proud, proud, China may be a step closer to the international space station. The aviation precision parts processing industry in China is starting from scratch, the core of these key technologies cannot be dependent on imports, one of the few countries for our technology blockade, we are able to launch the long March 5 series, completely from the independent innovation, generation after generation space people unremitting relays. Ningbo precision machining industry, should really to our aviation experts and scholars to study in the field of precision parts processing, in many areas to achieve your long-term dependence on imported technology breakthrough, make complete with independent intellectual property rights of mechanical parts processing products popular in the world market, which is the long March 5 rocket give us enlightenment.
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