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Automatic tool change CNC lathe machining center and the main shaft

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-29
More unique to machining center CNC lathe knife library can realize the automatic tool change and function of spindle orientation, more suitable for assembly line products processing, so the price is some higher than general nc machine tools to. Correct selection is to use good processing center, CNC machining center is the key to effective, companies choose machining center model is also measured. CNC lathe machining center selection strategy: 1 selection procedure correct and comprehensive understanding is the basis for the selection of the order processing center, to the performance of the machining center, characteristics, types, main parameters, function, scope, lack of a comprehensive, detailed understanding and grasp. On the basis of fully understanding, can according to the following procedure. 2 selection type choice considering machining center CNC lathe process, equipment, good processing object, scope and factors such as price, undertake choosing according to the selected part family. For example, more than two sides of workpieces or around are arranged radial radial hole, the processing, such as all kinds of box, choose the horizontal machining center; One-side processing artifacts, such as a variety of plate parts, appropriate chooses vertical machining center; When machining complex curved surface, such as the integral impeller of the wind turbines, engines, optional five axis machining center; The position of the workpiece precision demand is higher, using horizontal machining center. More complete in a clamping surface processing, can choose five surface machining center; When the workpiece size is larger, such as machine tool lathe bed, column, optional gantry machining center. , of course, the above points is not certain, especially CNC machine composite are moving in the direction development, finally to under the condition of process requirement and the balance of money to make a decision.
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