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Auto precision parts processing, with the aid of transformation

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-17
Auto market movements, are related to the upstream precision parts processing industry development. Especially the innovation of new energy vehicles, let many CNC machining parts manufacturer also changed accordingly, after all, need to take their order. Stricter environmental requirements, for example, new energy automotive technology development are overweight, so many of the traditional metal processing enterprise transformation from upstream important swimmer, also on the core technology - — Battery, motor, electric control technology. In November last year, China's auto precision parts processing enterprises have and Mr Fu co. , LTD signed the relevant agreement, set up a specialized in auto and motor parts processing of the joint venture company. As early as in 2016, the foreign capital enterprise group was founded in Germany schweinfurt electricity drive technology, electric drive business for the development of new energy vehicles. At present, more than 10000 employees worldwide in the service of the department. In just the past few months, China's Bosch for hydrogen fuel cell center in wuxi ceremony. DeJianCheng is expected next year, the year after realize the small batch production, mainly used in the research, development, trial production of hydrogen fuel-cell powertrain related products. In this field, precision parts processing enterprises in China after they have had many, many products of CNC machining parts with independent intellectual property rights have to supply the global auto market. In recent years, new energy vehicles is the fire, and with a hot car mechanical processing. Traditional CNC parts processing enterprise layout new energy sector is also the trend of The Times, these cases have not new, this year is expected to these cases is the next year. Need to point out is, of course, new energy is one of the direction, precision parts processing enterprises in the industry to the Internet, and other aspects of the layout is also accelerated.
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