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Auto precision parts processing, soaring ambition of avoid by all means

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-17
Auto precision parts processing both traditional and trendy. If it is a traditional automobile purchasing machinery spare parts processing services, that is the traditional cooperation; If it is a new energy car companies procurement services, it is trendy. Car terminal market sales decided the CNC parts processing service orders, but there are certain hysteresis. At the beginning of this year, many automakers are draw out the annual sales volume of the pie, precision parts processing enterprises also respond accordingly, expansion of mechanical parts processing production line. But in the first half of the ideal performance does not appear as scheduled, whether sales of conventional cars, or shipments of new energy vehicles, did not create new high, a great shock to CNC parts processing services. Especially new energy car sales of landslide, a large service ought to feel it deeply their precision spare parts suppliers. Early are thought to have 100000 car sales, have not broken than during the first half of the whole, many suppliers of mechanical parts processing orders is expected to appear the phenomenon of blowout has not happened, expand the upfront costs of production. For CNC parts processing enterprises, should follow the market situation, formulate realistic sales targets, is wise.
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