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Auto CNC machining parts, lay-offs

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-11-16
In recent years, many factories car CNC parts processing orders on the new energy automotive customer support. Last year has the new energy car companies listed in the United States, cause sensation, precision parts processing industry at the moment. Ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises believe that a lot of new energy vehicles only took less than four or five years to go over the traditional car companies decades to walk the road, quickly become one of the top head brand new forces for building cars, car CNC parts processing orders should follow. But not within a year, a lot of relying too much on new energy vehicles customer mechanical processing enterprises, found that the expected orders suddenly plummeted, even no order. Auto precision machinery processing enterprises frequently seen downstream customers 'cut', 'cost reduction', such as news, new energy vehicles have entered the early winter, auto machinery accessories processing orders bluffs falling type would be taken for granted. As the new energy car companies work hard, thin body actively, strive to live, nor in the upstream of the mechanical processing enterprises, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises have acquired some Revelations of layoffs. Even at the end of in recent years, some auto precision machining company, employees have to panic and worried about layoffs, this year really difficult! So, in the face of such a loss, the car how to think about the future development of machinery spare parts processing field? To answer this question, perhaps we also need to search for answers from the whole auto industry development trend. Ningbo precision machining expert points out, the reasoning behind this is because the global auto market gradually weak, market sales, auto machinery processing enterprises have to contraction front. But for auto precision machinery processing industry, more important is to should be in ready for transfer and upgrading the core business, to meet the arrival of the next cycle.
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