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Aspheric optical parts processing and the certainty of the ultra precision machining

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-03-23
Aspheric optical parts processing is a very important optical processing accessories, one of the commonly used a parabolic mirror ellipsoid, hyperboloid mirror and a spherical mirror. Aspheric optical parts than spherical optical parts has better image quality. Application in optical system, can correct various aberration, improve the image quality of the instrument and resolving power, increase the working distance. It can use one or a few small aspheric parts instead of the more spherical parts, so as to simplify the structure of the instrument, reduce cost, effectively reduce weight instrument. Aspheric surface optical element in modern high energy laser weapon, inertial confinement fusion ignition explorations and aerospace engineering, remote sensing and precision system plays an extremely important role, is increasingly widely used. Some of these systems on the properties of ceramic materials ( Than the stiffness, temperature stability, processing characteristics, etc. ) Have very strict requirements. ) Parts due to the use of the environment and related limitations ( Such as aerospace to environment, such as weight, overload, temperature requirements. ) 。 So the certainty of modern complex optical aspheric ultra-precision machining technology is imminent. , on the other hand, with modern computer technology, precision measurement technology, the ultra precision motion control technology, all kinds of precision components manufacturing technology and related small environment control technology development, also to meet the requirements of the modern complex aspheric machining manufacturing technology provides the technical support, make it become a reality. In recent years, China aviation industry research institute of precision based on the research in the field of ultra-precision machining technology and tradition, carry out the 'aspherical & quot; Certainty, optical parts of ultra-precision processing technology and equipment 'project research, break through the large optical CNC machine tool design, manufacturing and running environment control and so on key technologies. In large capacity and high stiffness of ultra precision vertical hydrostatic spindle technology, large stroke, high rigidity, no friction effect of ultra precision hydrostatic guideway drive and control technology, machine tool Z axis without friction interference effect of the whole air floating cylinder precision balance and guide technology, nanometer resolution open high performance nc system integration technology, machine tool precision temperature and vibration environment control technology, high quality pressure oil source and gas source supply technology and so on a series of achievements. In the end, 'nano system 1000 LODTM successfully developed the 'machine tool by nanometer resolution of ultra-precision machining path control, cutting metal directly with diamond tools, a large materials such as infrared optical components. The machine can produce all kinds of material (efficient Such as metal matrix, infrared and KDP crystal, etc. ) 。 ) And the modern optical system with complex curved surface parts ( Such as deep aspherical, off-axis aspheric surface, etc. ) 。 ) Is a traditional optical processing technology and equipment is difficult or impossible to processing.
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