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Acceptance including of mechanical parts processing?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-10
Before processing machinery parts, can draw a drawings, marking the technological requirements of mechanical parts processing, but can't guarantee processing of every parts can be up to standard, so the acceptance is underway. So you know mechanical parts processing acceptance include what? Let below small make up to tell you! Specifically, include acceptance requirements and acceptance procedures: 1 a and acceptance requirements. A visual inspection ( 1) Check whether the roughness of machined parts is accordance with the requirements of the drawings. ( 2) Check whether there is any damage on machined parts appearance, rust, dent and thread shape and Angle is correct. ( 3) If discover the problem, should do detailed records, for future reference. 2. The number of acceptance ( 1) Based on contract to supply and processing voucher, strictly control the drawing check material, specifications, and quantity of the machined part, and inventory check one by one. ( 2) Make a record number of acceptance, indicating acceptance of the place, time, participants, type, name, number and hierarchy should be. 3. Quality acceptance ( 1) To assembly drawings in strict accordance with the requirements of the rules and procedures for assembly. ( 2) Carefully recorded in the quality acceptance. Product quality problems, details should be written notice to outsourcing processing unit. Depending on the situation to decide whether to return and exchange. ( 3) Have special requirements for processing unit under the condition of mutual acceptance, assembly, installation of qualified rear can sign the acceptance documents. Second, the acceptance procedure 1. Mechanical product after receive, send both full-time acceptance control drawings according to the contract requirements for mechanical parts of material, specifications, quantity for acceptance. 2. Acceptance period normally for 1 - 2 days. Special circumstances see use effect. If appear quality problem can return to processing units, claims, and processing units bear the economic losses. 3. General non-production processing contract signed, will be used by the department of direct acceptance, fill in the inspection report. 4. Experience the unqualified parts, inspection personnel must be within the prescribed inspection period maintenance, return formalities. 5. Special precision machining parts of acceptance, acceptance by full-time inspector will organize relevant personnel, and fill in the acceptance report. To fill in for the acceptance of unqualified parts inspection list, as for higher machining precision parts outsourcing processing factory and determine the conditions of choice direction. Above are the parts acceptance content of mechanical parts processing, hope can help to you!
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