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Acceleration CNC parts processing enterprises, overseas m&a

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-29
With the advent of the intelligent manufacturing, intelligent CNC parts processing industry for the importance of the transformation and upgrading of modern manufacturing industry is increasingly improved. In some extent, intelligent manufacture is the symbol of a country's economic strength, the future China and developed countries in the field of intelligent precision parts processing will also be more competitive. Over the past few years, China's machinery parts processing enterprises in overseas mergers and acquisitions on the path of the collective power, intelligent acquisition or equity of large enterprises more than 13. If you wanted to talk about Chinese nc parts processing enterprises to go out, mergers and acquisitions overseas manufacturers one of the most representative case, than 2016 midea group acquired among global intelligent precision parts processing industry in the third of German library card group. This will cost 4. 6 billion euro deal, although the library card group brand preserved, but through the acquisition, mechanical parts processing enterprises from China have become a line of intelligent manufacturers around the world. And from nanjing CNC parts processing enterprises - — Ace is through to the British, German veteran smart manufacturers for continuous acquisition, their production of welding robot key used in home appliances and automotive industry. By the end of 2018, revenues are growing almost three times as than in 2015, to achieve the expected at the beginning of the merger and acquisition. Recently, from jiangsu, working smart and will be completed before the end of the acquisition of German NIMAK group. Industrial robot is the key to the future intelligent CNC parts processing and manufacturing equipment, such as the United States, Japan and the European Union economies attaches great importance to this. Especially in many American people are expecting, as intelligent precision parts processing technology mature, manufacturing will automatically return the United States. But the most basic mechanical parts processing industry, if not pay attention to the United States is certainly need to imported from abroad, robot and manufacturing regression?
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