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About the classification of the shenzhen precision parts processing and principle

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-07
One more, shenzhen precision parts processing: ( 1) Classification precision parts processing, precision parts processing industry is very broad, can be roughly divided into: metal surface processing, metal processing two categories, precision metal processing: hardware processing is we will be a piece of iron by stamping or artificial shear processing machinery we want to shape, such as shenzhen chong hing factory is introduced through the press machine and metal stamping parts mould for metal stamping and metal accessories, hardware processing not only these, as well as through the instrument lathe processing, line cutting processing, etc. ( 2) Precision metal surface processing: metal surface processing segment can be divided into: metal spray paint processing, electroplating, surface polishing machining, metal corrosion and so on 1, spray paint processing: hardware factory in the production of bulk metal products are currently used the spray paint processing, hardware to avoid rust by spray paint processing, such as: daily necessities, electrical shell, arts and crafts, etc. 2, electroplating, electroplating and metal processing one of the most common kind of processing technology, through the modern technology of hardware surface plating, ensure product rusts not mildew under long time use, electroplating processing common are: screw, stamping parts, batteries, car parts, accessories, etc. , 3, surface polishing processing, surface polishing processing generally longer used in daily necessities, burrs treatment on the surface of a metal products such as: we produce a comb, comb is by stamping parts, stamping out the comb edge horn is very sharp, we have to part by polishing the edges sharp thrown into the smooth face, so that in the process of use does not cause harm to human body. 。
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