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About sand blasting process in precision parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-07
Generally not very familiar with precision parts processing customers, don't know the sandblasting process is going on. But, we in the offer to the customer, often have to mention of sand blasting process. Many customers are only drawing mechanical parts processing, specific use what process all CNC parts processing center's suggestion, and quality is OK. Here, just by our small make up to you to introduce sand blasting process is going on. Just good precision parts processing products prototype, was actually a raw product, is there procedure for late surface treatment technology, sandblasting processing this link is a surface treatment technology. To complete the preliminary processing of mechanical parts processing model, sandblasting processing can remove the workpiece surface layer of tiny hairs, make the parts surface more smooth, look more beautiful and easy, more precise. In the process of precision parts processing, sand blasting principle is to use rapid sand flow impact effect to clear and coarsening parts during the process of surface layer. In our processing center, CNC parts by using compressed air as the driving force, to produce rapid spewing beam will be the need of rapid spray material to do sandblasting processing of parts surface, the surface of mechanical parts processing products filling and cutting efficiency, and the surface layers of hand-board model have different surface rough degree and cleanliness. In the process of precision parts processing, sandblasting treatment can make a mechanical parts processing and the physical properties of the product surface to obtain a very big improvement. If your products need sand blasting process, but yourself and not too clear, can look for a professional CNC parts processing center to help yourself. In ningbo, we are engaged in precision parts processing suppliers in more than 10 years, and accumulated rich experience in hand sandblasting, cooperation welcome any time.
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