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A common term of mechanical parts processing

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-02-10
In the field of mechanical parts processing industry, there are so many professional term, so everybody knows what these terms mean? Let small make up today to share some mechanical parts processing common terms! ! ! ! 1: what's the challenge thick processing? Answer: to eliminate the thickness effect on the shape and size of expansion plan, and adopt the method. 2: what are the general steps of calculating bending parts in length? A: bending parts can be divided into straight and arc; Calculate the length of the paragraphs; Calculates the length of the additive. 3: under what circumstances application section incision material? A: Angle steel, channel steel, i-steel bending Angle. 4: the whole cutting process which a few stages? A: in three stages. Elastic deformation stage; Plastic deformation stage; Stage of shear crack. 5: what is the cutting? A: using the template will be part of the sheet metal with another part along a closed line separate stamping process. 6: there are several kinds of bolt connection? A: there are two kinds: plant under axial tensile loading connection; Under transverse effect. 7: the locking bolt connection measures have? A: increase the friction force; Mechanical locking. 8: mechanical locking what method is there? Answer: the split pin; Check out the gasket; Check washer; Series wire. 9: what is the welding arc? A: in the gas medium between the two electrodes and permanent phenomenon of electricity discharge is strongly. 10: welding arc is made up of which a few parts? A: by the cathode area; The anode zone and the arc column. 11: electrode which three directions of movement are there? Answer: move to the direction of the molten pool; Along the weld direction; Make lateral swing. 12: weld according to space position can be divided into several? A: is divided into flat, vertical, horizontal welding, welding. The curve 13: what is the feature? A: both the two form on the surface of the public line is line; In the space is always closed. The curve 14: what do you mean? A: by two or more than two of the intersection of the geometry of components. 15: the influencing factors on the quality of the blanking is what? A: mold clearance; The center line of the intensive not overlap; The blade wear dull mould work. The general principles of the 16: mold design is what? A: under the premise to ensure the quality of stamping for the design of the mould, simple easy to manufacture, process, lower cost, easy to use. 17: the purpose of calculating rolling force? A: is to correctly choose rolling equipment. 18: what call free bending? Answer: when the bending punch, blank and die at the end of the match after impact won't happen again. 19: what is bending correction? A: refers to the punch, blank and die, there was another shock after the agreement, the correction of bending parts. 20: what defects are prone to suppress head? A: wrinkling and package; Straight pull mark pit; The surface micro cracks; The longitudinal tear; Deflection; Elliptic; Diameter size. Above is the common term of mechanical parts processing, everyone know? Hope to be able to help you!
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