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A brief history of CNC machining parts development

by:HENRY PARTS     2020-10-29
In 1948, the United States, Pyle Nicholson company developed aircraft propeller blade contour model. Due to the complexity of the pattern shape, high precision, and puts forward the design of computer controlled machine tool. In 1957, the start production using nc parts. But at the time of the numerical control device adopts valve components, bulky, expensive and only in a few special needs departments to complexity of mechanical parts processing. In 1959, precision parts processing factory produced transistor components and printed circuit board, make the nc parts processing device into the second generation. In 1965, precision parts processing factory in the third generation of numerical control device of integrated circuits, small size, less power consumption, reliability, prices fall further, promote the development of the varieties of CNC machine tools and production. In the late 1960 s, precision parts processing factory appeared directly by a computer to control the direct numerical control system of machine tools DNC; Manufacturer of precision parts processing using small computer control CNC computer numerical control system, the nc parts processing device into a small computer into the characteristics of the fourth generation. In 1974, precision parts processing factory developed into a microprocessor and micro computer numerical control device of semiconductor memory newsun focus, this is the fifth generation of numerical control system. In the early 1980 s, appeared to the man-machine dialogue type automatic programming of nc device; Numerical control devices to miniaturization, can be directly installed on the machine; Further improve the degree of automation, nc parts with automatic inspecting and monitoring tool breakage, and other functions. Ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer is at the end of 20 century 80 generation in this wave, the popularization of nc machine tools.
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