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5 g phones run, precision parts processing ready?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-28
Now, 5 g handset competition kicked off, the precision parts processing enterprises are in the fight, afraid to miss this wave of industry of dividends. Ningbo precision machining experts say, some companies like a hungry Wolf flapping up, this is an exaggeration. In fact, since August, the first 5 g phone, only the first month, 5 g phones on the market overall shipments has amounted to 48. 50000 units. In the race for the 5 g, ningbo huawei has the formidable strength, related to ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer also can get more opportunities. Because of the sino-us trade friction, huawei's reputation has been a household name, but stimulated the huawei mobile phone sales in the domestic market, will further consolidate the market position of huawei in 5 g era. The precision machining industry in ningbo, is a rare good. In 5 g network deployment, huawei has established close relationship with operators, as huawei's supplier is the dream of a lot of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer. Especially in 5 g chip key components, such as huawei has the control. Many rely on huawei this big tree of ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises has become a giant of certain market segments, focusing on certain areas of precision parts processing, order will follow. Now, a lot of precision parts processing factory agent want to compete with the opportunity of 5 g reverse pattern. Behind The Times in the era of 4 g ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory, really welcome the opportunity to turn over, but the premise must be high strength, has a cost advantage. As a mobile phone contract, finally compete or cost advantage, otherwise it is difficult to get the favour of mobile phone giant. According to 5 g, ningbo precision machinery processing enterprises also did a lot of preparation, to see who could thus.
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