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4 learn from set out actually, precision parts processing industry. 0

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-14
Four former German precision parts processing industry. 0, is an example to be set for the global manufacturing industry. Almost all the ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer put four German precision parts processing industry. 0 as the gods. Germany has a lot of old nc parts processing enterprises, may develop for hundreds of years, still in his own niche study grinding, make the high quality of mechanical parts processing products, favored by worldwide customers. In recent years, a large number of ningbo precision machinery parts processing factory tour to Germany, learn their precision parts processing mode, but in our country, a lot of manufacturing processing association through industrial 4. 0 mode for modification of mechanical parts processing production line of our country, but also have a lot of reference from domestic factories and the German model, purchasing a large number of German CNC parts processing equipment and smart update software. Admittedly, advanced CNC processing equipment and intelligent software is the most advanced productive forces, our processing factory indeed brought part of ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer efficiency improvement. But, no matter what equipment, or software, must have her use condition and application environment. At the same time of the introduction of advanced production tools, our processing factory must strengths, don't have a herd mentality, not from their actual processing ability. Buy a lot of factories poured back, but in not on! The latest official figures from Germany, the German CNC parts processing industry current situation of poor, fewer and fewer orders from abroad, the German 'pillar' of economic development. To this, some mechanical parts processing experts also pin their hopes on China's economic stimulus policies.
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