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3 d printing VS numerical control machine ( CNC) What's the difference between the difference?

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-04-08
More 3 d printing VS numerical control machine ( CNC) What's the difference between the difference? 3 d printing is LaiHuo in recent years, new technologies, and CNC numerical control machine, is already mature application technology for many years. So what's the difference between the 3 d printing and CNC machining? Which one is better? First of all, let's look at the 3 d printing production proofing processing and numerical control machine tool CNC hand-board model of those features: first, the advantages of CNC is efficient and accurate, and the economy, the advantages of 3 d printing is a high degree of freedom, can make the traditional craft ( Including CNC) The geometry of a difficult or cannot achieve. Second, the 3 d printing, such as selective laser melting ( SLM) Is needed in the process of implementation of support structure, if not impossible to manufacture, and this is the one of the bottleneck of the further development in manufacturing industry. Third, the traditional CNC processing industry after a long time of development, currently has a set of mature standard, whether the spindle, tool interface, or control system, but the 3 d printing field at present is the lack of such standards, and the establishment of standards often require a not short time. To sum up is: 1. 3 d printing are freer, can print all kinds of strange and Arabian nights hand-board model or product model, and the CNC machining of the degrees of freedom have certain limitations, simple sentence, hand-board model samples, more than the scope of CNC is limited by cutting tool interface, its scope than the 3 d printing. 2. Also didn't mention is that, in fact, 3 d printing in printing the whole thing is no match for the CNC processing, especially the very large pieces, with 3 d printing is generally more difficult to achieve, and CNC processing does not exist the problem. 3. CNC machining hand-board model samples than 3 d printing have more advantages in price. 4. Is the cause of the difference between the two results, 3 d printing works make you roam or product smoothly processing show in front of, CNC is in economy and large-scale production proofing hand-board model has more advantage. Everyone can comprehensive comparison. Had finished these, we take a look at 3 d printing hand-board model of machining and CNC numerical control machine tool's another one of the most obvious: (in different areas Increasing material manufacture and reduce material) 1. 3 d printing hand-board model belongs to the increase of material manufacturing, do the model & quot; Addition & quot; , like toothpaste, hand-board model to pile up. 2. CNC machining hand-board model belongs to the reduction of material manufacturing, do the model & quot; Subtraction & quot; , it is the whole piece of raw material continuously cut, cut, excluding, finally made the model processing. OK, already very understand, I believe you also know the 3 d printing proofing VS nc machine tool machining (standard model CNC) , the two of them who is the difference between what is the difference between material manufacturing, who is the reduction of material manufacturing.
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