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2019, precision parts processing industry pleasantly surprised unceasingly

by:HENRY PARTS     2021-01-26
Precision parts processing industry is the foundation of the national economy and industrial development potential. In order to promote the quality of mechanical parts processing industry development, our country is put forward and the implementation of the 'made in China 2025' development strategy. At present, the strategy of 'made in China 2025' in the vast get further implement nc parts processing enterprises, in 2019 is expected to further speed up the advance speed. According to a 2019 government work report to release the clear signal, to precision parts processing enterprises during the 'red envelope' including four aspects: more for small micro enterprise implementation of the general tax cuts; For small-scale taxpayers to pay part of the local tax levy by half; Ease small profit-making enterprise standard and intensify the preferential; And the applicable scope extended start-up science and technology enterprises preferential policy. Compared with the 2018 tax cuts JiangFei work, a new phase of larger, more significant effect of scale and JiangFei tax cuts, for small micro precision parts processing enterprises and kechuang ningbo precision machinery parts processing manufacturer also more tremendous role in promoting. Specific 'schedule' at present, the policies prevailing worldwide for tax cuts and carry out the plan, various provinces and cities have followed suit. Guangdong is using multiple channels to carry out online propaganda guidance; Heilongjiang with grid service ensures that the 'package', issued in time; Shanghai through ShuiQi symposium held, accelerate the implementation of the preferential tax policy from the propaganda; Qingdao is introduced article 30 specific measures to carry out the tax cuts JiangFei. 。 。 。 。 。 Reduce wave upon wave of dividends, wave faster than wave ShiCe efficiency at the same time, this for precision parts processing enterprises, are encouraging. And then the tax cuts JiangFei action, in 2019 the second policy 'package' and direction of the reform on the supply side leisurely. CNC parts processing industry in the policy of inspired by the east wind, will obtain the expected development.
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